My name is John W. Cleary; I am a composer, Producer, and mix Engineer. 

At the age of 5 I was introduced to the world of music, not because I began early instrumental training, but because of my exposure to the musical world of video games.  Years of “practical experience” playing games, many of which revolved around its music, combined with the beginning of my musical training on trombone and bass guitar, laid the framework for my musical endeavors to come.  Years later, at 14, I was exposed to choir.  Alongside a supportive choir director, I began to write my own, which was performed that year by the Seaford High School Chorale.  It wasn’t until two years later that I was approached to score a film.  This experience was magical, and I wanted to do more. Fast forward five years and I’ve scored over 100 short films and documentaries for Emmy nominated and award winning filmmakers, and 24 video games in distribution on the Xbox market place, Steam, and IOS.  I have developed partnerships with dozens of directors and developers with hopes of future collaboration, and I am in the process of creating an agency-like network for independent video game composers. I have studied with Morton Subotnick, Richard Hyman, Douglas Cohen, Bernadette Speach, George Brunner, and Sonny Kompanek. 

I currently live and work out of Brooklyn, New York.